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Meridian Altitude. Value of intercepted arc of observer's meridian, between horizon and a celestial body on the meridian of observer - thus having its greatest altitude.

Meridian Distance. Distance between any two meridians expressed as the difference in their respective local times.

Meridian Line. Line connecting North and South points of observer's sensible horizon.

Meridian Passage. Transit of heavenly body across a given meridian.

Meridian Transit. 'Meridian Passage.'

Meridian Zenith Distance. Arc of meridian intercepted between the zenith and a heavenly body in the meridian.

Meridional. Pertaining to the meridian. Sometimes has the meanĀ­ing 'facing the direction of the noon Sun'.

Meridional Difference of Latitude. Difference of Latitude expressed in meridional parts of Mercator projection.

Meridional Distance. Old name for 'departure' between two places on different meridians.

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