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Mercator's Projection. Delineation of Earth's surface on a chart or map in accordance with the principles used in making a Mercator chart.

Merchant Captain. Captain of a merchant vessel. Captain in the Merchant Navy.

Merchant Navy. Ships and personnel of the British Mercantile Marine.

Merchant Seaman. Seaman employed in a merchant vessel.

Merchant Service. 'Merchant Navy.'

Merchant Shipping Acts 223 Meridional Projection

Merchant Shipping Acts. Acts of Parliament governing the building? manning, employment, fitting-out, seaworthiness, registration? management, governance, etc., of British ships. Embrace num­erous Acts, from 1882 onwards, the principal being those of 1894, 1906, and 1932.

Mercurial Barometer. Barometer that indicates atmospheric pressure by height of a balancing column of mercury—as distinguished from an aneroid barometer.

Mercury. White metal with melting point of –38.5C. Specific gravity about 13-55. Used in thermometers and barometers for registration purposes, and in some gyro compasses as a ballistic pendulum.

Mercury. Innermost of the planets. Greatest angular distance from Sun is about 29°. Very rarely observable, and then only near sunrise or sunset. Nautical almanac then gives a warning that its appearance may cause it to be mistaken for a star or another planet.

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