Nautical words

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Maritime Polar Air. Air stream, from high latitudes, that has passed over an appreciable expanse of sea before reaching observer.

Mark. One of the marked fathoms in a lead line. 2. Beacon or erection, marking a navigational danger or a position of navi­gational interest.

Mari(ing). To bind or frap with small line in such a manner that each turn is an overhand knot.

Marline. Superior kind of spunyard laid up left-handed.

Marline Hitch. Half hitch made by passing end over and under, so that an overhand knot is formed.

Marline Spike. Tapered and pointed iron pin used for opening up a rope when splicing. Has a perforation at larger end to take a lanyard.

Maroon. To put a man ashore, forcibly, on desolate land. Form­erly done as a punishment, or as a criminal act. 2. Pyrotechnic signal exploding with a loud report.

Marry. To interlace the strands of two ropes preparatory to splicing. 2. To put two ropes together, side by side, so that they can be hauled upon simultaneously.

Marryat's Code. 'Code of signals for the Merchant Service', com­piled by Captain Frederick Marryat, R.N., 1817.

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