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Mariner's Compass. Compass used for directing course of a ship. The card, or 'fly', is mounted in a ballasted bowl fitted with a lubber line or pointer that coincides with ship's fore and aft line;

the compass graduation coinciding with this indicates direction of ship's head. Usually mounted in a binnacle containing lighting arrangements, corrector magnets and soft-iron compensations.

Mariner's Splice. Long splice put in cable-laid rope. Made in same manner as long splice with the addition that the three small ropes forming the strand are unlaid into 'readies', and are also spliced.

Marine Society. Instituted 1756; incorporated 1772. Principal objects are to train and fit out poor boys of good character for the sea services, and to ensure a steady stream of lads of good character and physique into the Royal and Merchant Navies.

Marine Store. Warehouse or shop in which rope, canvas and other ships' stores are bought and sold.

Marine Store Dealer. Person who buys and sells marine stores. His business is controlled, in part, by Merchant Shipping Act, 1894, Sections 538-542.

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