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Arched. Hogged. Archimedean

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Arched. Hogged.

Archimedean Screw. Name given to screw propeller when first introduced.

Archimedes' Theorem. A body partially or wholly immersed in a fluid suffers an apparent loss of weight equal to weight of fluid displaced.

Arch Type. System of cargo ship construction developed by North-East coast shipbuilders. Outboard sides of holds were curved inward and upward towards hatchways, so that trimming of bulkhead cargoes was reduced.

Arc of Excess. That small portion of graduated arc of a sextant in which graduations from zero read in a direction opposite to that of the main graduations; thus allowing small angles below the horizontal to be measured.

Arc Proper. Arc of sextant graduated from 0° to 120° (about), and excluding the arc of excess.

Arctic. Pertaining to area of Earth's surface enclosed by parallel of latitude 66° 33' N. Arctic Air. Atmospheric air that has come directly from north polar regions and arrives, eventually, as maritime polar air.

Arctic Circle. Parallel of 66° 33' N. Marks limit of Sun's visibility when in maximum southerly declination.

Arctic Current 21 Armed Mast

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