Nautical words

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Marine Barometer. Mercurial, Kew-pattern barometer mounted in gimbals.

Marine Engine. In general, is any engine designed for propulsion of ships. More especially applied to compound, triple-expansion and a quadruple-expansion engines that are fitted with a conĀ­denser.

Marine Glue. Usually a compound of crude rubber oil and shellac. Used for paying deck seams, closing small leaks, and other purposes.

Marine Growth. Marine vegetation and fauna that attach to the underwater body of floating craft.

Marine Insurance. Insurance against losses occurring at sea, or in sea-going ships, or in relation to a marine adventure.

Marine Insurance Act, 1906. First codification of rules governing marine insurance. Before this date marine insurance was governed, largely by precedent.

Marine Insurance Corporations. Companies who insure against marine risks and are corporately liable for payment. Insurance made by Lloyd's is paid individually by all underwriters who subscribe to the contract.

Mariner. In general, a person employed in a sea-going vessel. In some cases, applied to a seaman who works on deck.

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1   ...   535   536   537   538   539   540   541   542   ...   963

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