Nautical words

Man-of-War. A warship. Manometer

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Man-of-War. A warship.

Manometer. Instrument that measures pressure and elastic pro­perties of gases. Barometer and steam gauges are examples.

Man Overboard.9 Call and report given when a person has been seen to fall into the sea from a vessel.

Manropes. Protective ropes at side of a ladder or inclined wooden steps. Short ropes, used when embarking or disembarking from, or into, boats from lower platform of accommodation ladder; ropes being attached to stanchions on the platform.

Manrope Knot. Made in end of manrope to form standing part at eye of stanchion on platform of accommodation ladder, or at a hatchway. Is a wall knot with crown above and all parts followed round once.

Man Ship. Naval ceremony indicating compliment and, formerly, peaceful intentions. Crew are spaced at regular intervals along sides of upper decks. 2. To provide a crew for a vessel.

Man Yards. Ceremonial disposition of crew of sailing ship. Men are placed at intervals on all yards, standing on the yards and being steadied by jackstays stretched from mast to lift of yard. Discontinued by R.N. in 1902, by order of King Edward VII.

Marconi Rig. Nickname for 'Bermuda Rig'.

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