Nautical words

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Man-Harness Hitch. Put in a rope when dragging or towing by manpower. Large 'half crown' is made in rope and laid across it; bight on one side of rope is taken under the rope and through the other bight.

Manhole. Perforation in a boiler shell, tank top or other enclosed space, to allow a man to enter. As this usually demands the smallest possible removal of metal, the opening is approximately the shape of a man's transverse section, this shape allowing the covering piece to be inserted from outside.

Manifest. Document given to Master when cargo is shipped. ConĀ­tains particulars of cargo, shipper's name, marks and numbers, quantities, where loaded. Master's name, ship's name, tonnage and port of registry.

Manifold. Group of valves for pump suctions and deliveries. Small compartment in which such valves are placed.

Manilla Hemp. Product of a species of banana, principally from Philippine Islands.

Manilla Rope 215 Margin Plate

Manilla Rope. Made from manilla hemp. Contains natural oil, so does not need tarring. Is about three-quarter weight of hemp rope of same size, and has a higher breaking point.

Manning Scale. Statutory scale (1936) specifying minimum number of efficient deck hands to be carried in steamships of stated tonnages.

Manoeuvre. Regulated change of direction, position or speed to attain a desired end. 2. To change direction, position or speed for a specific purpose.

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