Nautical words

Mammatus. Udder-shaped cloud form. Man

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Mammatus. Udder-shaped cloud form.

Man. To provide with men, or manpower.

Managing Owner. Shipowner who actively controls, the com­mercial affairs of his ship or ships.

Manavalins. Seaman's word for 'odds and ends'.

Manganese. Black oxide of manganese sometimes found on sea­bed when sounding.

Manger. Space, on cable deck, between hawse pipes and thwart-ship breakwater in vessel where cable deck is below forecastle deck.

Mangrove. Tropical tree, or shrub, that covers large areas of coast in tropics. Seed germinates on trees and send roots down to the water. Wood is straight-grained, elastic and hard; often used for boat and shipbuilding.

Manhelper. Paint brush fastened to a long wooden pole.

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