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Mail Boat. Vessel carrying mails. Mail Pendant

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Mail Boat. Vessel carrying mails.

Mail Pendant. 'Royal Mail Pendant.'

Mail Room. Compartment in which mail is carried in a ship.

Mail Steamer. Steamer carrying mail.

Main 213 Making Her Number

Main. Ocean, or open sea. 2. Principal. 3. Main mast. 4. Mainsail.

Main and Foresail Rig. Has a fore staysail and a fore and aft mainsail that is loose-footed or stretched along a boom.

Main and Mizen Rig. Small boat rig having two masts, each carrying a four-sided fore and aft sail, main being larger than mizen.

Main Boom. Spar to which foot of a fore and aft mainsail is extended.

Main Breadth. Greatest distance between any two opposite frames.

Main Course. Sail attached to main yard of a square-rigged vessel.

Main Deck. Principal deck. Next below upper deck in five-deck ships.

Main Halyard. Rope by which a mainsail is hoisted.

Main Hatch. Principal hatch, usually the largest.

Main Hold. Space entered through main hatch. Principal hold.

Mainmast. Principal mast. Second mast in vessels having two or more masts, except when second mast is smaller—in which case forward mast is mainmast, after mast is mizen.

Main Pendants. Two short pieces of strong rope having thimbles in lower ends. Secured under upper ends of shrouds of main­mast to take hooks or shackles of main tackles.

Main Piece. Of rudder, is the vertical piece to which the steering-gear is attached. Of a wooden ship, is a piece stepped into stem head and notched for heel of bobstay piece.

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