Nautical words

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Loop of Retrogression. Apparent loop in path of planet, occurring when motion changes from direct to retrograde, or vice versa as viewed from Earth.

Loose. To let go the ropes confining a furled sail.

Loose-footed. Said of a mainsail that is hauled out on a boom, but not laced to it. Also applied to a gaffsail or trysail that has no boom.

Lop. Small but quick-running sea.

Loran. A Long Range Aid to Navigation. A master and slave stations transmit synchronised signals which can be received by a special receiver on board ship. Since radio signals travel at a known speed, the difference in time at which the signals arrive at the ship can be converted into distance. Signals from two pairs of Loran stations can thus fix the position of a ship at ranges up to, and sometimes over, 6000 M.

Lorcha. Sailing craft of China Sea. European type of hull, Chinese mast and rigging, 60 to 80 ft. long.

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