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Longitudinal Bulkhead. Bulkhead going fore and aft in a vessel.

Longitudinal Framing. Framing, of a vessel's hull, that goes fore and aft instead of transversely.

Longitudinal Stress. Stress that tends to deform the longitudinal form of a vessel or member.

Long Jaw. Said of a rope when the cantlines of strands lie at an i angle that is appreciably less than 45° from the run of the rope.

Long Period Species. Tidal species that occur at intervals greatly p exceeding a tidal day. The most common are those with 14 days I and 19-year periods.

Long Period Variable. Star whose magnitude varies during a period between 50 days and two years or more. Majority have I a period of about 300 days. Mira, in constellation Cetus, varies • between magnitudes 3.5 and 9.0 in 350 days.

Longship. Norse warship c. 900 a.d. Rowed 40 to 50 oars and had one mast and square sail.

Longshore Man. Labourer on a wharf or dock side.

Long Splice. Splice that joins two ropes and can reeve through a block. Strand of each rope displaces a strand in the other, for a distance equal to about six times size of rope; end is then tucked. Remaining strand of each rope is half knotted to opposite strand.

Long Stay. Said of a cable of anchored vessel when amount of cable out is more than four times depth of water.

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