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Local Attraction. Former name for deviation of compass. Now confined to deviation due to magnetic attraction outside ship.

Local Load Line. Load line assigned to a vessel not trading outside the country of the assigning authority.

Local Load Line Ships. Those vessels to which a Local Load Line Certificate can be given. Must be less than 150 tons gross if carrying goods or passengers.

Local Marine Boards. Bodies introduced in British ports to ensure the fulfilment of requirements of Merchant Shipping Act, 1895. Were responsible for Mercantile Marine Officers' Examinations for certificates of competency, etc. Most of their functions have been taken over by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Local Time. Time kept in a particular port or country.

Lock. Artificial enclosure of water in which a vessel can be floated from one level to another.

Locker. Chest, box, cupboard or compartment in which gear may be stowed. Can usually be locked, but chain locker is one exception.

Lock Gates. Pair of massive hinged doors at each end of a lock. Locking Bars. Iron strips lying athwart a covered hatch. Can be padlocked to coamings when required.

Locking Pintle. One of pintles of a hinged rudder. Has a collar on protruding lower end, to prevent accidental unshipment of rudder.

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