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Line of Battle Ship. Name formerly given to a heavily-armed warship fit to take a place in a line of battle.

Line of Bearing. Straight line through a ship or drawn on a chart, passing through positions at which an observed object would have the same bearing, either by compass or relatively.

Line of Collimation. That line, in an optical instrument, that passes through centre of object glass and cross wires.

Line of No Dip. Alternative name for magnetic equator. 'Aclinic Line.'

Line of Position. Position line. Line, on a chart, drawn through all positions at which ship may be situated. May be a line of bearing, or arc of a circle of equal altitude.

Line of Soundings. Series of soundings, with course and distances sailed between them, laid off to scale of chart in an endeavour to ascertain ship's position. 2. Series of soundings made along a line, and at stated intervals, when surveying.

Liner. Vessel sailing regularly between specified ports. 2. Former name for a line of battle ship. 3. A line fishing vessel. 4. Packing piece placed between parts to adjust them. 5. Thin metallic sleeve in a cylinder, which is renewed when worn.

Line Squall. Squall that travels along a line, but has no great breadth-probably a mile or so.

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