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Limitation Clause. Sometimes inserted in a bill of lading to fix an upper limit to amount claimable for loss of an item of cargo.

Limitation of Liability. The limiting of the amount that can be claimed from a shipowner for loss of goods and/or life when due to a casualty to ship that was not due to fault or privity of ship­owner. Amount is limited to £15 per ton for loss of life and goods, £8 per ton if no loss of life. Tonnage is based on registered tonnage plus engine-room space. 2. Liability of a British pilotage authority for damage done through fault or default of a licensed pilot is limited to £100 multiplied by the number of pilots holding licences from the authority.

Line. A light rope or hawser. Small rope used for a specific purpose. 2. Equator. 3. Number of ships in such formation that a straight line passes through them. „ 4. Delineation of ship form in a vertical or horizontal direction.

Line Fisher. Fishing vessel using line or lines.
Line of Battle Ship 203 Liverpool Hook

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