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Life-Saving Apparatus. Gear placed at certain positions ashore for rescue of personnel shipwrecked in the vicinity. Includes rockets and lines, lifelines, breeches buoy, 'triangle' (tripod), hawsers, whips, small gear, and a vehicle for transporting these to a position near to wreck.

Life-Saving Appliances 201 Lightning

Life-Saving Appliances. All boats, rafts, buoys, jackets, line-throwing apparatus, and other appliances and stores carried for life-saving purposes.

Life-Saving Rocket. Pyrotechnic missile fired from shore to pass over a stranded vessel and carry a line for establishing communi­cation between ship and shore.

Lifting Gear. Derrick and cranes, with all their furniture and attachments, used when lifting and lowering weights.

Lifting Screws. Screw propellers that were formerly carried in ships carrying sails and engines. When under sail alone, pro­peller was lifted, by tackles, into a specially-built recess in counter—the rail end shaft being withdrawn. See Banjo Frame.

Lifts. Ropes from mast to arms of a yard, and used for supporting, canting, and squaring the yard.

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