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Lifeboatman. One who mans a shore-based lifeboat. 2. 'Certifi­cated Lifeboatman.' 'Lifeboat Service.' Saving, or attempted saving, of vessels, or of life and property, on board vessels wrecked, aground, sunk, or in danger of being wrecked, sunk, or grounded.

Lifebuoy. Specially designed portable float for throwing overboard to sustain a person in the water until he can be taken into a boat or ship. Standard requirements are that it must be capable of floating 32 Ib. of iron, in fresh water, for 24 hours.

Lifejacket. A jacket made buoyant by 35 oz. of kapok or other equally buoyant material, or by being inflated by air, and con­structed so that an unconscious wearer will float with his face above water. See Buoyancy Aid.

Lifeline. Rope rigged or attached for purposes of security or rescue. 2. Line attached to a man working overside, and attended by a man inboard. 3. Rope from head of davit to a boat in the water and alongside, for security of men in boat during hoisting and lowering. 4. Line stretched horizontally between mast and lift of yard when manning yards. 5. Line stretched along deck in heavy weather. 6. Line attached to a buoy floated down to a man in the water.

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