Nautical words

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Absence Without Leave. Remaining away from ship without permission, but not showing intention of deserting.

Absentee. One who fails to return to his ship, or place of duty, but who has not shown any intention to desert.

Absolute Force. In magnetism, is intensity of Earth's magnetism, or of a magnet's force, expressed in dynes.

Absolute Humidity. Weight of water held in a given volume of atmospheric air. Usually expressed in grammes per cubic metre.

Absolute Pressure. Pressure of a fluid measured above a perfect vacuum. In practical engineering, it is taken as steam pressure plus 15 lbs. Absolute pressure of condenser is taken to be-in barometric inches—half height of barometer minus vacuum reading.

Absolute Temperature. Temperature measured from an Absolute zero at which there is an entire absence of heat. Zero is equiv­alent to –273 -l°C (-459-58°F). Usually measured in Centi­grade units.

Absolute Total Loss 3 Account Position by

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