Nautical words

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Leg of Mutton Sail. Triangular mainsail used in boats and yachts. Lateen sail.

Legs. Strong pieces of timber placed vertically at the sides of a vessel to keep her upright when she takes the ground on a falling tide.

Lembus. Light, fast war vessel of the Romans.

Lend a Hand. To assist.

Length. Fore and aft dimension of a ship. Length between per­pendiculars is measured from fore side of stem to after side of sternpost on summer load water line.

Length of Wave. Usually measured as the distance between two successive crests, which is also the distance between lowest point of two successive troughs. Expressed in feet.

Lenticular. Cloud form in which upper and lower edges are convex, thus resembling a lens, or a lentil seed.

Leo (Lat.=Lion). Constellation situated between R.A.s 09 h 20 m and llh 50m; Dec. 0° to 38°N. Has several bright stars: Regulus, or Cor Leonis, Denebola, Algeiba, Zosma. 2. Fifth

sign of Zodiac, extending from 120° to 150° celestial longitude. Sun is in this sign from July 22 to August 23, about.

Leonid Meteors. Meteoric shower visible in Leo about middle of November. Due to break up of a comet.

Let Draw. Order given when it is required that weather fore sheet of head sail of a craft tacking shall be released, so that sail can be controlled by lee sheet.

Let Go 199 Liberation in Longitude

Let Go. Of an anchor. To let it drop in the water.

Let Fall. Order given when a square sail, that has been loosed, is to be dropped so that it can be sheeted home.

Let Fly. Order to release sheets fully. Given as a salute, or in a heavy gust of wind, or other emergency.

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