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Leech Rope. Boltrope on side of a square sail. Lee Fange

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Leech Rope. Boltrope on side of a square sail.

Lee Fange. Thwartship iron rail along which a sheet block of a fore and aft sail can move when tacking. 2. Rope going from deck and through cringle of a sail so that sail can be hauled in when lacing or unlacing a bonnet.

Lee Gauge 198 Let Draw

Lee Gauge. Position to leeward, as relative to another vessel.

Lee Helm. Tiller to leeward to keep vessel's head up to wind.

Lee Helmsman. Assistant helmsman, when required, in a sailing ship: the proper helmsman being at weather side of wheel.

Lee-ho. A warning that the helm has been put down and that the vessel is coming up into the wind in order to go about.

Lee Lurch. Heavy roll to leeward with a beam wind.

Lee Shore. Shore that is to leeward of a vessel. .

Lee Side. That side of a ship, or object, that is sheltered from the wind.

Lee Tide. Tidal flow that goes in same direction as prevailing wind.

Leeward. The area on the lee side of an observer, or named object.

Leewardly. Said of a vessel that makes excessive leeway.

Leeway. Distance a vessel is forced to leeward of her course by action of wind. 2. Angle between ship's projected course and her track through the water.

Left-Handed. Said of ropes in which the strands trend to the left as they go away from an observer. Leg. One part of a rope that is seized on the bight. 2. One tack when beating to windward under sail.

Legal Day. For payment of seamen, begins and ends at 00 hours.

Legal Wharf. Wharf legalised by Act of Parliament, or approved by commission from Court of Exchequer.

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