Nautical words

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Lazarette, Lazaretto. Storeroom containing provisions of a ship. 2. Ship or building in which persons in quarantine are segregated.

Lazy Guy. Guy that consists of a single rope and is used for moving or temporarily securing, a boom or derrick when little weight is involved.

Lazy Painter. Additional painter that is of smaller size than proper painter. Used when mooring for a short time and no great strain is anticipated.

Leach. Leech of a sail.

Lead (Leed). Direction in which a rope goes, or is guided, by blocks, sheaves, fairleads, cleats, etc. 2. Open-water channel between ice-sheets. 3. Arrangement of a slide valve so that some steam is admitted to exhaust side of piston a little before end of stroke.

This cushions end of stroke, and ensures adequate steam for the commencement of return stroke. 4. Setting of crank of one engine a certain distance in advance of another.

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1   ...   486   487   488   489   490   491   492   493   ...   963

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