Nautical words

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Lattern Sail. 'Lateen Sail.'

Launch. To move a vessel into water so that she becomes water-borne. 2. To move a longitudinal object in the direction of its length. 3. Large open or half-decked boat, particularly a large diagonally-built rowing- and sailing-boat used in R.N.

Launching Ways. Large, rectangular timbers, or plating, down which slides the cradle supporting a newly-built vessel.

Laws of Oleron. Early shipping laws-about 13th century-brought into England by Richard I. They form the basis of most European laws regarding shipping.

Laws of Storms. Fundamental facts about the formation and phases of cyclonic storms.

Lay. Of rope is direction-right or left-that the strands trend when viewed along the rope. 2. Tension put into rope when laying it up. See 'Hard Laid', 'Soft Laid'.

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1   ...   483   484   485   486   487   488   489   490   ...   963

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