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Latchings. Laskets. Lateen Rig

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Latchings. Laskets.

Lateen Rig. Sailing rig embodying a lateen sail.

Lateen Sail. Triangular sail with a vertical leech and inclined luff. Is laced to a yard and suspended at about mid-distance along yard.

Lateen Yard. Long yard to which luff of a lateen sail is laced.

Latent Heat. Amount of heat absorbed and retained by a substance, or body, when changing from a solid to a liquid; or from a liquid to a gas.

Lateral Resistance. Resistance to sideway movement set up by underwater body of a vessel.

Latitude. Angular distance from Equator. Measured by arc of meridian intercepted by Equator and parallel of latitude passing through a given point. See 'Celestial Latitude'.

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