Nautical words

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Laid Up in Ordinary. Said of a warship when paid off and under charge of master attendant of a dockyard.

Lambda. Greek letter (). Used as a symbol to denote the directive force of a magnetic needle, in a given position, as a proportion of the directive force it would have if entirely free to respond to terrestrial magnetism alone.

Lamp Trimmer 194 Laridae

Lamp Trimmer. Rating responsible for the trimming and care of oil and candle-lighting arrangements.

Lanby. Large Automated Navigation Buoy. Increasingly used in place of a light vessel.

Land Blink. Gloomy-yellow light over distant ice-covered land.

Land Breeze. Wind blowing seaward from land after sunset. Due to land temperature of atmosphere being below that of sea atmosphere. Sometimes applied to any off-shore wind.

Landfall. Land first sighted when approaching from seaward.

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1   ...   478   479   480   481   482   483   484   485   ...   963

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