Nautical words

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Kinetic Energy. Energy due to motion.

King Post. Alternative name for a 'Samson Post'.

King's Harbour Master. Officer of R.N. appointed as harbour master in a dockyard port under Dockyard Port Regulations, 1865.

King's or Queen's Hard Bargain. R.N. term for an inefficient rating.

King's Letter Boys. Certain boys who went to sea in R.N., between 1676 and 1728, under a scheme introduced by Charles II.

King Spoke. Marked 'midship' spoke of a steering-wheel. Acts as an indicator to helmsman.

King's or Queen's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions. Rules, regulations and orders by which the Royal Navy is regulated and governed.

Kink. Short bend in a rope, due to twist or turns, that prevents free running. Causes severe strain if under tension.

Kippage. Former name for the equipment (equipage) of a vessel, and included the personnel.

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1   ...   473   474   475   476   477   478   479   480   ...   963

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