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Kelvin Tide-Prediction Machine

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Kelvin Tide-Prediction Machine. Apparatus by which tidal states and times, at any given place, can be determined mechanically when the machine has been set to conform with the harmonic tidal constants at the place.

Kelway Electric Log. Early type of submerged log. Rotator under bottom of ship sent electric impulses to an inboard indicator.

Kempstock. Old name for a capstan.

Kennet. Old name for a large cleat.

Kenne. 'Kenning.'

Kennelly-Heaviside Layer. Atmospheric layer in stratosphere. Reflects radio waves at night.

Kenning. Sixteenth-century sterm for a sea distance at which high land could be observed from a ship. Varied between 14 and 22 miles according to average atmospheric conditions in a given area.

Kentledge. Permanent pig iron ballast specially shaped and placed along each side of keelson. Name is sometimes given to any iron ballast.

Kepler's Laws 191 Kites

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