Nautical words

Kelp. Large seaweed. Kelpie

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Kelp. Large seaweed.

Kelpie. Fabulous spirit, generally in the form of horse, supposed to haunt ferries and fords.

Kelter. Good order and readiness.

Kelvin. Unit of absolute temperature, freezing point of water 273 K, boiling point of water 373K. The length of each unit being the same as on the Celsius scale.

Kelvin Deflector. See 'Deflector'.

Kelvin Sounding Machine. Apparatus by which a sinker can be dropped to sea bottom at end of a wire, taking with it a glass tube sealed at upper end. Inside of tube is coated with a chromate preparation which, as water is forced into tube, changes into a chloride through action of salt in the water. When sinker is hauled up, the line of demarcation between chromate and chloride is a measure of water pressure at seabed. This pressure is an indication of depth.

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1   ...   469   470   471   472   473   474   475   476   ...   963

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