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Jury Steering Gear. Alternative steering gear for controlling rudder when usual steering gear cannot be operated.

Kamal 189 Keel Blocks


Kamal. Mediaeval Arabian instrument for observing the altitude of a star. A small tablet of wood was attached to a knotted string. The tablet was held so that its lower edge was in line with the horizon and the star rested on the upper edge. The distance was measured by holding the string in the teeth, the number of knots left hanging gave a measure of the latitude.

Kamchatka Current. Branch of Kuro-Siwo about 200 miles wide. Sets NE-ward from 40°N, 150°E to 51°N at about ¼ knot. Between 51°N and 60°N it is hardly noticeable, but then passes W of St. Matthew Island and E of St. Lawrence Island to American coast, Behring Strait, and Arctic Ocean. Its tempera­ture off U.S.A. coast is about 15° F higher than water off coast of Asia.

Kappa. Harmonic tidal value, in degrees of arc, representing lag of I phase of a tidal constituent as compared with phase of the corresponding equilibrium constituent.

Kaskazi. Arabic name for NE monsoon on east coast of Africa.

Katabatic. Term applied to winds that flow from elevated land to lower land. Caused by greater rapidity of heat radiation in the higher land. Also applied to any downward movement of air when due to convection.

Kataphraktos. Decked Greek vessel of classic times.

Kaupskip. Beamy sailing coaster of Norway and Baltic Sea, c. 900 A.D.

Kaus. SE wind prevailing in Persian Gulf between December and April.

Kaus Australis. Star  Sagittarii, S.H.A. 85°; Dec. S34°; Mag. 2.

Kayak. Eskimo boat constructed of sealskins stretched over light wooden framing.

Keckling. Winding small rope around a cable or hawser to prevent damage by chafing. 2. The rope with which a cable is keckled.

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