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Jumpsurgee Strop. Exceedingly strong rope strop for a block. Made by taking enough rope to go three times round block and once round thimble. Each end is unlaid until there is enough unlaid rope to encircle block and thimble. Ends are then married and strands unlaid. Yarns are then made into nettles and grafted along unlaid rope.

Junk. Old and unserviceable rope used for making fenders, mats, swabs, oakum, etc. Originally was bulrush, from which the first ropes were made. 2. Large sailing vessel of China, Japan and Malaya. Sails are battened, balanced-lug sails. Mast usually in one piece. Rudder is suspended.

Junk Ring. Cast iron ring on upper part of piston. Is removable so that packing ring can be renewed when worn. Name is a relic of days when packing was of rope.

Jupiter. Largest of the planets, being 1300 times larger than Earth and 317 times heavier. Has at least nine satellites. Orbit lies between Mars and Saturn. Distance from Sun, 478,000,000 miles.

Jury Knot. Three bights of a rope so interlaced that when knot is shipped over head of a jury mast all parts encircle the mast and there is a bight on either side, a bight forward, and two ends aft. Fore stay and shrouds were attached to bights, the two ends being backstays.

Jury Mast. Temporary mast erected in place of a mast that has carried away.

Jury Mast Knot. Shamrock knot. Centre shipped over jury mast head; the other three loops forming attachments for stay and breast backstays.

Jury Mat 188 Jury Steering Gear

Jury Mat. Mat made by making bights in a length of rope, and then interweaving with bights and ends.

Jury Rig. Temporary and makeshift rig in place of rigging carried away or lost.

Jury Rudder. Makeshift rudder constructed in ship when proper rudder has been lost or damaged.

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