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Jew's Harp Shackle. Special bow shackle that formerly connected cable to anchor.

Jib. Triangular fore and aft sail set on a forward stay.

Jib Boom. Boom projecting forward from bowsprit, on which it is housed.

Jib Downhaul. Rope by which a jib is hauled down and inboard along jib boom.

Jibe. 'Gybe.'

Jib Frame. Vertical frame at side of a marine reciprocating engine.

Jib Guys. Rope stays leading inboard and downward from end of jib boom.

Jib Halyard. Rope by which head of a jib sail is hoisted.

Jib Headed. Said of any sail resembling a jib in shape.

Jib Inhaul. Alternative name for 'Jib downhaul'.

Jib Iron. Iron hoop that travels along jib boom and carries tack of a jib (sail).

Jib of Jibs 186 Julian Calendar

.Jib of Jibs. Outermost jibsail when three or more are carried.

Jib Outhaul. Rope by which a jib tack is hauled out to jib boom when setting jibsail.

Jib Sheet. Rope by which clew of a jib is controlled.

Jib Stay. Stay to which luff of a jib is confined.

Jigger. General purpose tackle consisting of single and double blocks, with standing part spliced to arse of single block. 2. After trysail of a four-masted barquentine. 3. After mast of a four-masted vessel.

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