Nautical words

Jergue. Old form of 'Jerque'. Jerking Note

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Jergue. Old form of 'Jerque'.

Jerking Note. 'Jerquing Note.'

Jerque. Search of a vessel, by Customs authorities, for unentered goods.

Jerquing Note. Certificate given by Customs searcher when ship has been searched and no unentered goods are on board.

Jet Foil. Hydrofoil propelled by water jets situated in the foils upon which the vessel rides when at speed.

Jetsam. Goods that have been cast out of a ship and have sunk.

Jettison. Deliberate throwing overboard of goods or fittings for the preservation of a ship in peril.

Jetty. Wharf, or other similar construction, that projects into the sea or harbour.

Jewel Block. Wood block, at yard arm, that takes a studdingsail halyard.

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