Nautical words

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Initial Condensation. Conversion of a certain amount of steam into water as it enters a cylinder. Due to temperature of cylinder being less than temperature of steam.

Initial Stability 180 Insurance Policy

Initial Stability. Resistance offered by a vessel, when floating upright, to forces tending to list her.

Injection. Forcing of fuel into cylinder of a compression ignition oil engine. Forcing of feed water into a boiler.

Innavigable. Not navigable by ships.

Inner Bottom. Plating laid on top of floors. Upper plating of double bottom tanks. Deck resting on upper sides of floor timbers.

Inner Post. Timber secured to fore side of stem post to take seatings of transom.

Inner Turns. Those turns, of earing of a square sail, that confine the sail against the yard.

Inshore. Near to the shore. On the shoreward side.

Inside Clinch. Name given to end of rope that is formed into a loop by taking a round turn on standing part with end on inside of loop.

Insolation. Sun's radiation as received at surface of Earth.

Inspection. Visual examination. 2. Entering a table with known data and abstracting a tabulated resultant.

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