Nautical words

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Indian Spring Low Water. Datum used in Indian tides. Is below sea level by an amount made up by sum of amplitudes of M2, S.2, K1, 01. First used by Prof. G. H. Darwin.

Indicated Horse Power. Measurement of power developed in cylinder of a reciprocating engine as deduced from an indicator diagram.

Indicator. Any instrument that indicates mechanically. Especially applied to instrument that graphically indicates work done by steam while in a cylinder of a reciprocating engine.

Indicator Diagram. Graph of work done by steam while in a cyl­inder. Produced by mechanism incorporated in an 'Indicator'.

Indorsement. Endorsement. That which is written on the back of a document.

Induced Current. Current developed in a conductor that is near another conductor carrying an alternating or fluctuating current. 2. Current passing through a conductor that is in the field of I moving magnet.

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1   ...   449   450   451   452   453   454   455   456   ...   963

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