Nautical words

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Inclination of Ecliptic. Angular intersection of plane at Equinoctial by plane of Ecliptic. Value is 23Ā° 27'.

Inclination of Needle. Angle of magnetic dip. Angle that a magnetic needle will make with the sensible horizon when freely suspended in the vertical plane.

Inclination of Orbit. Angular intersection of Ecliptic by the orbital plane of a heavenly body.

Inclination of Ship. Angle of list, or thwartship deviation from the vertical, of a line perpendicular to the deck of a vessel.

Inclining Experiment. 'Heeling experiment.'

Increment. Quantity, usually variable, that is added to an independĀ­ent variable in an invariable expression. When very small it is termed a 'differential'.

Indenture. Sealed and binding agreement entered into by two parties. Particularly applied to agreement between ship owner or master, and parent and guardian of a minor apprenticed to

sea service.

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