Nautical words

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Anticyclonic Regions. Areas in about 30° N and 30° S latitudes; in which anticyclones are fairly prevalent and persistent.

Antifouling. Paints and preparations that attack and kill marine life that tries to attach itself to ship's underwater skin.

Antigropelos.* Waterproof leggings.

Antilogarithm. Natural number that is represented by a logarithm.

Antilunar Tide. Tidal undulation generated on side of Earth opposite to that on which tractive force of Moon is exerted.

Antipleon. Meteorological term for an area in which meteoro­logical factors and conditions are below normal.

Antipodes. That area of Earth diametrically opposite to a given place; thus having the same latitude and longitude as the place, but of opposite names. Sometimes applied to New Zealand and, less correctly to Australia, as approximately fulfilling these con­ditions in regard to Great Britain.
Antiscorbutics 18 Apparent Midnight

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