Nautical words

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'If Sufficient Water.' Clause inserted in a charter party to qualify the obligation to discharge in a named dock, or berth, if there be not sufficient depth of water when the order to berth is given.

Ignition Point. Minimum temperature at which a substance will ignite and burn. Is always higher than 'Flash point'.

Ignition Temperature. Temperature to which a substance must be raised for it to burn.

Ikara. An anti-submarine missile delivering a homing torpedo.

Immersion. The sinking of a substance into a fluid.

Immigration Regulations 178 Index Error

Immigration Regulations. Laws and rules regulating the entry of aliens into a country.

Impedance. Circuit resistance to an alternating current when caused by self-inductance, circuit capacity and ohmic resistance.

Implied Warranties. Assurances that are not made specifically by an insurer but are implied by his application for insurance. These are, that the ship is seaworthy; that the venture is lawful; that the venture will be carried out in a lawful manner.

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