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Ice Blink. See 'Blink.' Icebound

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Ice Blink. See 'Blink.'

Icebound. Said of a ship when she cannot move because of surround­ing ice. Said of a port when it is inaccessible because of ice.

Ice Breaker. Steam vessel with bow specially shaped to tread down and break sheet ice, and make a navigable lane. 2. Sloping piles on upstream side of a pier to deflect or break up floating ice.

Ice Clause. Inserted in marine contracts, when appropriate, to cover cases in which a ship or port may be ice bound.

Ice Fender. 'Ice Beam.'

Icelandic Lows. Meteorological depressions that frequently form over Iceland.

Ice Lead. Navigable lane of water through ice.

Ice Master. One who takes charge of navigation of a whaler when ., in ice.

Ice Patrol. Ships and personnel employed in watching for ice, and derelicts, in North Atlantic Ocean. Established by International Safety Convention, 1929. Maintained by contributions of maritime nations interested.

Ice Report. Radio report, to shore stations and near-by ships, made by master of any vessel sighting ice. Penalty for not reporting is £50.

Idler. Member of a crew who works all day but does not keep night watches; e.g. carpenter, sailmaker. Termed 'dayman' in R.N.

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