Nautical words

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Hyperbolic Navigation. Finding a Position Line or Position Lines corresponding to a hyperbola or hyperbolae associated with a chain of two or more radio stations.

Hysteresis. The lagging behind of a certain amount of magnetism when an object has been temporarily magnetised and the mag­netising agent has been withdrawn.

I Bar 177 Immersion


I Bar. Flat rolled steel section with small flat flange across longi­tudinal edges.

Ice. Water that has congealed due to lack of heat. Fresh water freezes at 0°C; salt water at about —3°C. Eleven cubic feet of ice represent 10 cubic feet of water. Owing to heat absorbed by melting ice, the meteorological aspect of ice is important.

Ice Anchor. Single fluke with shank. Put in hole or crack in ice for mooring purposes.

Ice Beam. Baulk of timber fitted to bow of ship, for fending off ice.

Iceberg. Great mass of floating ice that has broken off a glacier and been carried seaward. Waterplane area may be more than five square miles; underwater depth up to 300 fathoms. Move­ment may be with prevalent wind or current, but may be due to deep current. Generally advisable to pass to windward of it.

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