Nautical words

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Humidity-Mixing Ratio. Relative weights of water and vapour forming damp air. Expressed as number of grams of water-vapour combined with a kilogram of dry air.

Humpbacked Whale. Rather short whale having flippers of a length up to one-third length of body. Occasionally seen in British waters.

Hunter's Moon. Full moon following Harvest Moon. Character­istics are somewhat similar to those of Harvest Moon, but less marked.

Hunting Gear. Mechanism by which a differential motion is pro­duced so that the final movement of some part is the result of two movements having opposite effects. Used in steering engine mechanisms to stop the engine when rudder has been turned through an angle that corresponds with angle indicated at wheel.

Hunting Tooth. Tooth, in a wheel actuated by a pinion, that is in excess of a multiple of the number of teeth in the pinion. It ensures that any tooth in pinion will not mesh continually into same teeth of wheel.

Hurricane. Violent cyclonic storm, especially around Cape Verde Islands, Atlantic seaboard of U.S.A., West Indies and Gulf of Mexico. Any wind of Force 12 on the Beaufort Scale.

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