Nautical words

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Howden-Johnson Boiler. Cylindrical boiler of Scottish type but having external tubes that pass through combustion chamber and connect water below furnaces with upper volume of water. Superheater is mounted above front ends of return tubes. Efficiency is a little less than 0.9.

Howl.* To scarph foothooks into the ground timbers of a vessel.

'How's Her Head?' 'What is the direction of ship's head at this moment?'

Hoy. Small, one-masted sailing vessel used for short voyages or for carrying passengers or goods to or from ships.

Hug. To keep close to.

Hulk. Hull of a vessel not fit for sea service. Sailing vessel without masts. 2. In 13th to 15th centuries a vessel larger than the earlier cog. Hulc/hourque.

Hull. Body of a ship, and excluding interior fittings.

Hull Down. Said of a distant ship when her hull is below horizon and her masts and upper works are visible.

Hulling. Floating, but at mercy of wind and sea. 2. Piercing the hull with a projectile. 3. Taking in sail during a calm.

Humber Keel. Flat-sided, round-ended, flat-bottomed vessel used in Humber and other Yorkshire waterways. Has one mast amidships, square mainsail and a topsail. Mainsail can be single or double reefed to yard.

Humidity. Moistness of atmosphere due to its water – vapour content.

Humidity-Mixing Ratio 175 Hydrographical

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