Nautical words

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Hot Bulb Engine. Internal combustion engine in which ignition of fuel is assisted by having a hot bulb head in compression-combustion space.

Hot Well. Chamber in which exhaust steam from engines is stored after condensation.

Hounds. Timbers secured on either side of a mast to form rests for crosstrees and upper eyes of rigging. Also, step on mast, made by reducing its diameter, when used for same purpose. Hounds Band. Iron or steel band secured near head of mast to take upper eyes of shrouds and stays.

Hour. Twenty-fourth part of a day. Interval in which the hour angle ofa heavenly body changes 15° in respect to the hour circle of an observer. Arc of 15° of Equinoctial.

Hour Angle 174 Humidity

Hour Angle. Angle, at elevated pole, between meridian of observer and meridian passing through a heavenly body. Conventionally reckoned westward from observer, but can be expressed as an easterly value.

Hour Circle. Great circle, secondary to Equinoctial, passing through points having the same Right Ascension and, therefore, the same hour circle.

House. To put into a position of increased safety. To lower an upper mast until its head is in line with head of mast below. To run back a gun and secure it.

House Flag. Private and acknowledged flag of a ship's owner or owners.

Houseline. Soft-laid three-yarn stuff used for general purposes. May be tarred or untarred.

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