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Horse Latitudes. Calm area between trade wind belt and 'Westerlies' in Atlantic Ocean. Approximately 30° to 35°N.

Horse Marine. Unhandy seaman.

Horse Packet. Team boat at Yarmouth in early 19th century. Worked by four horses.

Horse Power. Unit of work equivalent to lifting power of 33,000-foot pounds per minute.

Horseshoe Clamp. Iron fastening between fore foot and gripe.

Horseshoe Rack. Curved rack, abaft mainmast, carrying ninepin blocks through which running gear of light sails was led to belaying pins.

Horseshoe Splice. Made in end of a single topmast shroud or backstay. End is turned down and a short length of rope is put across bight and spliced into each part. Sometimes used in jib guys.

Horsing. Caulking the seams in ship side planking.

Horsing Iron. Large caulking iron used when horsing.

Horsing Mallet. Heavy wooden mallet used when horsing.

Horsing Up. Final caulking of ship's side planking.

Hose Coupling. Metal fitting, in end of hose, by which one length of hose is connected to another.

Host Men. Fraternity, at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who were re­sponsible for the carriage of north country coal.

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