Nautical words

Hope. A small inlet or haven. Hopper

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Hope. A small inlet or haven.

Hopper. Usual name for a 'Hopper barge'; sometimes for a 'Hopper dredger'.

Hopper Barge. Barge having flap doors in bottom and buoyancy spaces at ends. Receives dredged material from a dredger, and is then towed to a dumping ground.

Hopper Dredger. Dredger having a compartment with flap doors in the bottom. Dredged material is placed in this compartment for subsequent release.

Horary Circle. 'Hour Circle.'

Horizon. Line along which sky and surface of Earth appear to meet.

Horizon Glass. Of sextant, is a fixed glass through which horizon is sighted. Half of glass is a reflector in which reflected image of an observed body is sighted and brought down to horizon.

Horizontal. Pertaining to the horizon. Perpendicular to vertical.

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1   ...   432   433   434   435   436   437   438   439   ...   963

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