Nautical words

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Hooded, Hooding, Ends. Those ends of planking, of a boat or wood-built vessel, that are fitted into rabbeting on stern and stem posts.

Hook. Transverse connecting piece in fore end of a boat or ship. Name is often given to such fitting in other parts of a vessel.

Hook and Butt. Joint in planking that is made by scarphing or lapping.

Hook Block. Sheaved block that is fitted with a hook for making attachment.

Hook Bolt. Bolt with hooked end for attachment purposes.

Hooker. Colloquial name for a ship. Corrupt form of 'Hawker'.

Hook's Law. Generally defined as 'For elastic strains, strain is proportional to stress.' Strain equals stress multiplied by a constant that varies with the material under consideration.

Hook Rope. About 10 to 12 fathoms of rope having a hook on one end. Used in working cable, or for general purposes. Hoops. Wooden rings by which a luff of a fore and aft sail is

confined to a mast.

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1   ...   431   432   433   434   435   436   437   438   ...   963

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