Nautical words

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Holme's Compass. Magnetic compass designed to control and operate a number of repeaters at remote positions.

Holme's Light. Calcium phosphate light that ignites on contact with water, giving off both smoke and flame. Attached to life buoys to make them more conspicuous when in the water.

Holophonal. Term applied to a light when its rays are reflected or refracted into a beam.

Holystone. Small piece of soft white sandstone used for cleaning wooden decks by abrasion. To clean with holystones.

Home. In place. Close down.

Home Trade. Seaborne trade between British and Irish ports and ports in Europe between Elbe and Brest inclusive.

Home Trade Agreement. Contract between master and crew of vessel in the Home Trade. In force for six months from date of opening. Wages are usually on a weekly basis; crew usually find their own provisions; short notice of termination, on either side, is fairly general.

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1   ...   429   430   431   432   433   434   435   436   ...   963

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