Nautical words

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Height 169 High

Height.* Elizabethan term for 'Latitude'.

Height of Tide. Distance that water level is above chart datum when due to tidal effect.

Height of Wave. Vertical distance from trough to crest expressed in feet. May, rarely, exceed 70 feet.

Height Staff. Graduated rod used for measuring heights during the building of a vessel.

Heliacal Rising. The rising of a star or planet during morning twilight.

Heliocentric. Having Sun as a centre.

Heliometer. Instrument for finding solar time and latitude, when appropriately set, at noon.

Heliostat. Instrument used in hydrographic surveying for reflecting Sun's rays at one observation station to another at distances up 40 miles or so. Used when direct observations and identification of the station are not possible. 'Heliograph.'

Helm. Tiller by which a rudder is controlled. Also applied to the machinery by which a rudder is controlled, and to the duty of controlling it.

Helmet. Brass cover over a compass carried in a binnacle. Usually carries the lighting arrangements.

Helm Indicator. Pointer geared to steering wheel and moving over a graduated arc to indicate amount of helm being used, and angular position of rudder.

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