Nautical words

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Hazel Rod Fender. Large and long bundle of hazel rods bound with wire and used as fender in docks, alongside ships and hulks, etc.

Hazing. Giving a man a dog's life by continual work, persistent grumbling and petty tyranny.

H Bar. Rolled steel section of H shape.

Head (of Sail). In four-sided sails is the upper edge; in triangular sails is the upper corner.

Head Board. Extreme forward bulwark. 2. Small piece of wood inserted in upper corner of flag to ensure that the flag is close up to the truck when hoisted.

Head Fast. Mooring rope leading forward from fore end of a vessel.

Headings. Timbers forming the head of a wooden cask, barrel, etc.

Head Knee. Timber fayed sideways to stem of wooden vessel.

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1   ...   421   422   423   424   425   426   427   428   ...   963

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