Nautical words

Harbourage. Shelter or refuge. Harbour Gaskets

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Harbourage. Shelter or refuge.

Harbour Gaskets. Special gaskets for giving a smart and neat appearance to furled sails when in harbour.

Harbour Launch. Small vessel used for conveyance of harbour officials.

Harbour Log. Log book giving details of ship's work done while in harbour, together with usual log entries in harbour.

Harbour Master 164 Harpoon Depth Finder

Harbour Master. Official having superintendence over a harbour; and who is responsible that harbour regulations are complied with.

Harbour Reach. That part of a river that leads to a harbour.

Harbour Watch. Part of duty watch that remain on board to take any action required on a ship in harbour.

Hard. Boat landing place at which a muddy bottom has been covered with gravel or shingle. 2. Applied to helm orders, means 'to the fullest extent'.

Hard Chine. If a vessel's sides meet her bottom at an angle, instead of being rounded, she is said to be hard-chined.

Hard Iron. Iron, or ferrous alloy, that is slow to receive magĀ­netism, but retains it when received.

Hard Laid. Said of a yarn or rope that has been tightly laid up.

Hard Tack. Nickname for ship's biscuits.

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