Nautical words

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Half Minute Glass. Sand glass that takes half a minute to run down. Used when timing a ship log and line.

Half Moon. Phase of moon when at first and third quarters; and half of disc being illuminated.

Half Poop. Low poop about 4 ft. in height.

Half Port. One of two ports, each having a semicircular piece cut away so that they could be closed around a protruding gun.

Half Round Strip. Rolled steel or iron bar having a semicircular section.

Half Sea.* Old name for 'mid channel'.

Half Tide Rock. Rock that is covered between half flood and half ebb of tide.

Half Timber. Short futtock in those parts of a wooden ship where the bottom is inclined, not flat.

Halliards. Ropes by which sails, yards, flags, gaffs, etc., are hoisted.

Halo. Circle of light around a luminous body. Particularly applied to such a circle around Sun or Moon when due to refraction caused by ice crystals in atmosphere.

Halshed Chain. Chain sling or strop in which one end of chain is rove through an open link in other end.

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