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Hale.* Old English form of 'Haul'. Half Beam

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Hale.* Old English form of 'Haul'.

Half Beam. Beam that is cut to form a hatchway, or to give clearance.

Half Breadth Plan. Plan of a ship from centre line to ship's side on one side. Shows buttock lines, bow lines and water lines at different draughts.

Half Breadth Staff. Wooden rod marked to show half lengths of ship's beams. Used for measuring the beams.

Half Cardinal. Name applied to a point of compass halfway between two cardinal points.

Half Crown. Small circular bight in a rope.

Half Deck. Non-continuous deck extending from right forward to about half length of a boat. 2. Covered part of upper deck that is under a poop and contains accommodation for officers, apprentices or crew. 3. In R.N. is that part of lower deck that is aft, and in which is accommodation for officers. 4. Non-continuous deck extending from mainmast to right aft above main deck. 5. Quarters of cadets or apprentices in a merchant ship.

Half Decked. Said of a vessel with an upper deck that is not continuous.

Half Ebb. Said of a tide when halfway from high water to low water.

Half Flood. Said of a tide that is halfway from low water to high water.

Half Floor. Frame timber going from keel to the heel of second futtock.

Half Hitch. Made by passing end of rope round its own part and through the bight formed.

Half Mast. Position of an ensign or flag when partially hauled down as sign of mourning.

Half Minute Glass 162 Hand Log

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